As I sat in the chair opposite the therapist, I realized that I would be doing this for the rest of my life. In the midst of suffering after my father’s passing, I found that not much worked to ease my pain. Exasperated with my narrative, she gently guided me to the chair and told me to close my eyes. It took 38 years but now I was meditating for the first time. The practice was as simple as the one below but I experienced a complex peace that was unfamiliar. So I set out to build a practice. Sometimes it goes great, at other times, I have to “start over”, returning to the basics of a simple discipline. So I return today.

weight.jpegI am pleased to introduce Center For Self-Care’s 28-day Meditation Challenge. Beginning May 1, Your Mindful Coach and C4SC will offer several supports to build your own meditation practice. Through guided meditations from our podcast as well as Sharon Salzburg’s 28-day challenge, electronic discussions and virtual and in-person events, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and be curious while committing no more than 10 minutes a day to meditation.

To participate, simply visit this link daily and select the date. You will be taken to a site that offers a daily meditation. Click “Read More” and then press play to meditate. Then share with us – email to receive a daily reflection and learn together.

4be87162-6ce5-42c5-bdd1-cffa321868a6Every Sunday (9pm) and Tuesday (8:30pm) evening, we offer a live virtual guided meditation that can be accessed online through your computer or cellphone or by calling in on your phone. We also have workshops on May 6 and May 24 as well as our men-specific regular offerings. Learn more or register at our website.

Our first meditation focuses on the breath. The breath serves as an anchor to our attention. We become distracted and gently return our attention back to this anchor. Our only task is to pay attention, noticing the rhythm, the movement and the quality of each breath.


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